Noobies Pregnancy Timeline 

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Our timeline will help you plan, prepare and enjoy your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is such an exciting time but there's so much to learn, think about, organise and do. So to help we wrote a Noobies Pregnancy Timeline - a guide for what to do when, split by trimester to make to it really easy to follow. Its not a medical guide - there's so many of those out there already. This is all the other stuff you'll need to think about...all in one handy timeline.

You're at the start of an incredible journey...

the Noobies pregnancy timeline has been created to help you prepare for it! It'll help you:


Know what you need to be thinking about and doing in each trimester


Follow the timeline to know what to prepare when


Because once you know everythings in hand you can relax!


About Noobies

At Noobies we're here to help couples prepare for the arrival of their baby. Our contemporary antenatal courses are taught by NHS Midwives. At a Noobies course you'll get practical and pragmatic advice, new friends to share your journey with and we'll help you nurture your emotional wellbeing through pregnancy and beyond.

We believe this combination helps couples have a positive birth experience and the best possible start to parenthood.

The Noobies Pregnancy Timeline